United Bakers 100th Anniversary Video Music

I’m currently working on two videos for United Bakers’ 100th Anniversary, which will be celebrated for four days in mid-May from the 14th until the 17th of May. The events will include a kickoff, daily entertainment, menu specials and special give-aways. A special exhibit of historic photos was mounted in the restaurant recently and I assisted with that project by producing and affixing the captions.

The videos that I am working on now will be mounted on the UB website at http://www.unitedbakers.ca. One of the interesting issues that arose was selecting music to accompany the first video which features about 40 of the 60 plus staff. We initially looked into a contemporary piece  to provide the proper message with lyrics and atmosphere, but it didn’t seem to entirely mesh with the vibe that the owners wanted to generate with the video.

Another option was a song that was composed by Srul Irving Glick to honour the restaurant which was called Old Toronto Klezmer Suite, United Bakers, Movement III. There was a lovely version of the suite performed by Angele Dubeau & La Pieta on their CD entitled  Violons du Monde, Analekta. It was wonderful to discover a song written specifically for UB, but after listening to the song it appeared to be brilliant, however it was a little too slow and solemn for this type of celebratory video. As a result, we started delving into more up-tempo klezmer tunes.

  Angela Dubeau & la Pieta

There are actually a number of klezmer songs to choose from that would have suited the video. I looked at both local Canadian and American bands and located a perfect ditty produced by a U.S. klezmer band. I am currently negotiating the use of this tune for use on the Internet (due to copyright regulations) and am hoping to mount it on the UB website before the anniversary festivities commence. Further updates will be posted as this project develops. I look forward to receiving feedback and comments from readers along the way.


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