TFS Archives – Moving on to Photographs

Shireen & Vino reviewing photographs (left to right) and Jackie, Owen and Elizabeth sorting through their files

We just began work selecting, arranging and preserving the photographs that are part of the TFS repository. Before we started, a session was held in order to discuss the archival theory surrounding the selection of photographs as well as a short briefing on the care and handling of photographs. A number of the volunteers had not read some of the readings on the list before and found the issues quite interesting.

The group tackled the class photos as our first task. The class photos date from the early 1980s until recent years. They were generally well-organized but there were some major gaps in some of the years, so we took notes to indicate which ones need to be secured to make the series more complete.

We also delved through the photographs taken for the yearbooks, which ran the gamut from images of staff, events, outings and sports. Although a number of them had publishing notes attached to them with tape which had to be removed, the group enjoyed viewing the fascinating fashion and hair trends from the 1970s to the 1990s.

While it would have been nice to split up the photo files by subject, that approach would not have been in accordance with archival rules. As a result, we tried to keep each photo shoot or year book photo shots intact in order to reflect the intent of the individuals who created or collected these images to support a specific function.

The group is looking forward to viewing some of the older and rarer images that we will likely move onto next. Perhaps it will be possible to showcase a few of them on this blog in order to give readers a taste of the marvelous images that are part of this fonds (collection).


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