TFS Archives in Ship Shape

After two months or hard work conducting selection, arrangement and processing the TFS Archives has been transformed into an orderly and cohesive fonds. This work would not have been possible without the support of the almost 20 volunteers who took part in this phase of the project. All of the records have been placed in acid-free files, envelopes and boxes and transferred to proper shelving units within the designated archival room in the TFS Administration Building. We have also installed a data logger to ensure that the environmental conditions are monitored and controlled.

The next stage of the project, which will commence next week, will be to have a contract archivist describe all of the materials from the fonds to the file level and enter them into the archival database. We recently selected Eloquent for this purpose. This product is a Gencat system that has been used by many archival institutions, including the City of Toronto Archives, as well as a number of other Canadian private school archives. It’s a very sophisticated system that will enable the TFS to place the descriptions of their holdings as well as images of records on-line in order to make their collection more accessible to their stakeholders and the public.

As an archivist it is always very satisfying to create order out of chaos and transform a disorganized body of records into a fonds. We are so grateful to our volunteers and would like to thank them for all of their hard work. Most of them were recent archival and library graduates. The majority of the group have moved on after securing paid employment in their fields. We wish them all well and hope that this project served as a valuable learning experience. It was certainly a wonderful model for teamwork, since it involved a sizeable group of individuals with diverse skills who came together to achieve a remarkable goal in a short period of time. Their contributions will always be appreciated. Thanks everyone!!


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