TFS launches new virtual products

This summer the Heritage Professionals team worked on several digitization projects to support TFS’ anniversary initiatives. This work involved liaising with the Anniversary Committee, selecting content for the products, scanning the photographs and documents and producing descriptions for each item. We also converted some of the VHS tapes in their holdings which captured key events to digital format and produced short clips.

The first product involved the digitization of the TFS yearbooks entitled Reflection(s), from the first volume produced in 1973 to 2011.

This project involved liaising with Internet Archive, an international organization mandated to publish historic documents and works and make them available to the public on the Internet. Internet Archive scanned the volumes at their location within the University of Toronto’s Fisher Library using an overhead scanner and produced PDFs for each issue. The PDFs were then transferred to Eloquent, who made them fully searchable using TFS Archives’ Eloquent database. Now that the project is completed, the staff and stakeholders will be able to quickly search for entries documenting specific individuals and events and locate the information that they need immediately from the yearbooks. This should prove to be indispensable research tool for some of the department such as Alumni Relations and Advancement.

The second project was in the form of a slideshow that includes over 100 images, primarily from the TFS Archives, which capture the 50 year history of TFS.

The intent of the initiative was to select images that capture student life within TFS as well as the key milestones and events and to ensure that the coverage was as representative and comprehensive as posssible.The slideshow is now posted on You Tube and is highlighted on the TFS website. It will also be featured within each of TFS’ 4 branches or schools on the monitors in the entrances. The Anniversary Committee packaged this product and IT produced the slideshow and mounted it on You Tube.

The third product that Heritage Professionals supported was a virtual timeline project created by the Marketing Department to document the history of the school. The timeline captured a huge and diverse array of archival and museum related material from the TFS Archives ranging from documents, photographs, video clips, artefacts and ephemera. Over 200 items in fact were incorporated into this product, rendering it one of the more ambitious undertakings that the school has taken on in recent years. It is mounted on the TFS’ 50th Anniversary website which is used to highlight events that have been organized to commemorate this event in 2012 as well as the historic products created to support the anniversary. Some viewers will be tempted to scroll down the timeline slowly in order to review the materials year by year, while others will click on the timeline in a random fashion and select the years that pop up, or alternately, deliberately focus on the years that correspond to their association with the school. No matter how visitors approach the timeline, it should be a fun way for the TFS community to explore their rich history.


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