Beth Torah’s 50th Anniversary

mad men bar scene 2

My team has been working to support Beth Torah’s 50th Anniversary this year. The gala is taking place on April 28th and the theme is the swinging 60s Mad Men style. The gala will feature a signature cocktail from that era, casino games, live music and a dress up photo booth. It should therefore be an extremely retro and fun event.

As Chair of the Anniversary Committee it has been great working on everything from the invitations to the development of a web page, Facebook presence and exhibit to promote the event. photo of promo exhibit - cropped

The remaining projects involve completing another exhibit that focuses on 50 years of bar and bat mitzvahs at Beth Torah. We will also produce a heritage booklet to feature approximately 50 archival photos and text as well as the greetings from politicians and members and ads. Everything is well on course and the committee has been doing a wonderful job working together and injecting creativity and energy into everything they have tackled thus far.


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