Beth Torah Anniversary Gala

The Beth Torah Gala was held last week on Sunday April 28th. It was an evening soiree with the selected 60s Mad Men theme called “An Affair to Remember: Drink, Dance and Games of Chance”. Close to two hundred members attended the Gala. The refreshments were catered by the Park Hyatt as well as the drinks, including the signature cocktail the “Golden Gimlet” selected by the Anniversary Committee. We also had a retro candy table, a live band called Oui B Jamon and the Magen Boys provided the DJ services. The music was in keeping with the theme and really helped set the tone.

The main attraction, however, were the casino game tables and slot machines courtesy of Superior Events. We had professional dealers at each of the tables and the guests really threw themselves into the gambling all night. Many of the tables drew large crowds and one could hear lots of enthusiastic shouts whenever there were big winners.

casino photo 2 - reversedOnce the gamblers were finished playing they were able to cash in their chips for tickets and could put them in boxes in front of the prizes they wanted to win on the prize table. There were about 20 enticing prize baskets up for grab, each assigned the name of a song from the 1960s that reflected the theme of the prize. There was also a big auction at the end of the evening with several exciting prizes available including a night for two at the Park Hyatt and a weekend in Vegas.

Other attractions at the Gala included a special Bar/Bat Mitzvah display that was produced by Heritage Professionals called “Fifty Years of B’nai Mitzvot”.

bar mitzvah exhibitimg_7349

One of the highlights of the event was the photo booth. The photographer, Francine Birkin, set up a booth with the Beth Torah 50th Anniversary branding and had fun retro 60s props for guests to wear while taking their portraits alone, as a couple or with friends. Here are couple fun images that were taken during the event.

DFI_03DFI_88x2The Gala ended with a Beth Torah Anniversary Video produced by Heritage Professionals. Click the link above to view it on Vimeo. At the end of the night each guest was given the special anniversary booklet that features a special heritage section. Finally, a photo album was created and posted on the Beth Torah Facebook site after the Gala.

The Anniversary Committee did a tremendous job making the event the success that it was. We also were fortunate to have Fern Cohen, our event planner from Relax, coordinate the evening. Our catering consultants were Sari Gorman and Iain McIlveen from Gorman McIlveen Associates. Finally, the staff contributed so much supporting the committee, setting everything up and overseeing the evening activities.


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